welcome to Ultra Sickness 666!

i am mentally ill heads up.

what in the world could this FUCKED site be about!?!?!?

i will fill this site with many fun disgusting gorey and horrible things. the main point of the website is to spread my products, art and other fun stuff. one of the main things hopefully being software and mods.so far as modding goes im hoping to make a series of mods that will add a disgusting and gut wrenching realism to fallout 4 and sneakily porting them to console (: i desire to make my visions physical(kinda) by making mods such as: realistic screaming, killable children console sneak, babies of the commonwealth, killable babies, ripping fabric sfx on bladed weapon use, brutal animations, execution animations, gorey kills, kidnapping, much more!!!. i am also experimenting with garrys mod and making addons for that.


here you can check out my socials.